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Caption Thymus - normal tissue. There is strong membrane and cytoplasmic labeling for CD45/B220 of scattered medullary thymocytes (antibody diluted at 1:250, tissue fixed in Fekete's solution).
Description Thymus - Normal tissue. CD45/B220 immunohistochemistry
Age at Necropsy 35 days
Contributor Mikaelian I  (J:94320)
Pathologist Mikaelian I  (J:94320)
Method IHC for CD45/B220 (Ptprc)

Image Probes
Typeantibody Nameanti-CD45RB (CBL1343)
Targetexon B-dependent isoform of mouse CD45 SupplierChemicon
Notes"Specifically recognizes the exon B-dependent isoform of mouse CD45, which is expressed by thymocytes, peripheral B cells and a subpopulation of T cells at high density. This isoform is also expressed by dendritic cells and macrophages at low density."

MTB ID MTB:27704
Tumor Name Thymus
normal tissue (control)
Treatment Type None (spontaneous)
Tumor Synonyms thymus, normal tissue
Organ Affected Thymus
Frequency not applicable
Reference J:94320
Strain Types: inbred
Strain Synonyms wild-type C57BL/6J  •  C57Bl/6J  •  p53+/+  •  C57BL/6 from Jackson Laboratory  •  C57BL/6  •  B6  •  C57/Bl6  •  C57  •  C57BL/6J (F129+51)  •  C57 black subline 6  •  B/6  •  Bl/6  •  C57BL/6J wild-type  •  WT  •  Black 6  •  C57 Black  •  wild type  •  C57BL/6J+/+  •  p53 wild-type (+/+)  •  C57BL6/J  •  C57BL/6J, H-2b  •  C57/B16  •  wild-type  •  C57BL  •  B6 WT  •  wild-type (WT)  •  WT-Control  •  WT-CR  •  C57/Bl 6J  •  C57/Bl  •  p21+/+p27+/+  •  control  •  Ctr  •  C57BL/6J (UW)  •  B6J  •  C57BL/6J inbred WT  •  C57 BL/6
Strain Sex Unspecified
Reproductive Status reproductive status not specified
Age of Detection 35 days