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Accession ID: J:122261
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33 matching items displayed.
Strain Name Strain Type Strain Notes
129S1/SvImJ inbred  
A/J inbred  
AB6F2 hybrid The mouse is an F2 hybrid from a cross between an A/J female with alopecia areata and a C57BL/6J male.
AKR/J inbred  
BALB/cByJ inbred  
BTBR/J inbred  
BUB/BnJ inbred  
C3B6F2 hybrid The mouse is an F2 hybrid from a cross between a C3H/HeJ female with alopecia areata and a C57BL/6J male.
C3H/HeJ inbred  
C57BL/10J inbred  
C57BL/6J inbred  
C57BLKS/J inbred  
C57BR/cdJ inbred  
C57L/J inbred  
CAST/EiJ inbred  
CBA/J inbred  
DBA/2J inbred  
FVB/NJ inbred  
KK/HlJ inbred Inbred strain. This strain is homozygous for Cdh23ahl, the age related hearing loss 1 mutation, which on this background results in progressive hearing loss with onset after 10 months of age.
LP/J inbred  
MRL/MpJ inbred  
NOD.B10Sn-H2b/J congenic NOD congenic mice with the H2b locus from C57BL/10SnJ mice transferred.
NON/ShiLtJ inbred  
NZO/HlLtJ inbred &
spontaneous mutation
Strain was derived from crossing NON/Lt and NZO/Hl and contains the PctpR120H allele.
NZW/LacJ inbred  
P/J inbred  
PL/J inbred  
PWD/PhJ inbred  
RIIIS/J inbred  
SJL/J inbred  
SM/J inbred  
SWR/J inbred  
WSB/EiJ inbred Wild derived inbred strain.