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anti-keratin 18 (MAB1600)
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MTB ID Tumor Name Organ(s) Affected Treatment Type Agents Strain Name Strain Sex Reproductive Status Tumor Frequency Age at Necropsy Description Reference
MTB:27643 Eye - Cornea   normal tissue (control) Eye - Cornea None (spontaneous)
Unspecified reproductive status not specified not applicable 35 days Eye - Cornea - Normal tissue. Keratin 18, immunohistochemistry, non-specific staining J:94320
Image Caption:Eye - Cornea - Normal tissue. There is strong cytoplasmic labeling of rafts and scattered basal cells (antibody diluted at 1:100, tissue fixed in Bouin's solution). There is also moderate background in the stroma of the cornea. Other tissues were not labeled. This pattern of labeling was interpreted as an artifact because simple epithelial did not label with this antibody and because the corneal epithelium is prone to false-positive labeling.
Image ID:1327
Source of Image:Mikaelian I
Pathologist:Mikaelian I
Method / Stain:IHC for keratin 18