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anti-CDK1/P34CDC2 kinase (MAB8878)
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MTB ID Tumor Name Organ(s) Affected Treatment Type Agents Strain Name Strain Sex Reproductive Status Tumor Frequency Age at Necropsy Description Reference
MTB:27696 Spleen   normal tissue (control) Spleen None (spontaneous)
Unspecified reproductive status not specified not applicable 35 days Spleen - Normal tissue. cdk1/p34cdc2 immunohistochemistry, artifactual staining J:94320
Image Caption:Spleen - normal tissue. There is artifactual staining of the cytoplasm of lymphoblasts located in a germinative center for cdk1/p34cdc2 (antibody diluted at 1:75, tissue fixed in Bouin's solution, heat-mediated antigen retrieval in 0.1 mM EDTA at pH=7.5). This staining pattern was interpreted as an artifact because labeling for cdk1/p34cdc2 should be nuclear.
Image ID:1342
Source of Image:Mikaelian I
Pathologist:Mikaelian I
Method / Stain:IHC for cdc2