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anti-keratin 16 (LL025)
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MTB ID Tumor Name Organ(s) Affected Treatment Type Agents Strain Name Strain Sex Reproductive Status Tumor Frequency Age at Necropsy Description Reference
MTB:27677 Oral cavity   normal tissue (control) Oral cavity None (spontaneous)
Unspecified reproductive status not specified not applicable unknown Oral cavity, oral mucosa - Normal tissue. Keratin 16 immunohistochemistry J:94320
Image Caption:Oral mucosa - normal tissue. There is mild to moderate labeling of the basal layers of the oral mucosa. Labeling is most prominent at the vicinity of filliform papillae (tissue fixed in Fekete's solution, trypsin digestion, antibody used pure).
Image ID:740
Source of Image:Mikaelian I
Pathologist:Mikaelian I
Method / Stain:IHC for keratin 16