Strain SummaryFVB/N-Mmp2tm1Ito Tg(KRT14-HPV16)wt1Dh

Strain Name

FVB/N-Mmp2tm1Ito Tg(KRT14-HPV16)wt1Dh

Strain Type(s)

targeted mutation (knockout)  •  transgenic

Strain Synonym(s)

FVB.Cg-Mmp2tm1Ito Tg(KRT14-HPV16)wt1Dh  •  HPV/E2-MMP-2?null  •  HPV/E2-MMP-2-/-  •  K14-HPV16 MMP-2?/?


Compound mutant mice. These mice are the product of an intercross between strains on a predominantly FVB/N background.

Strain Genetics

Mmp2tm1Ito / Mmp2tm1Ito


2 unique models displayed. A model is a set of tumors that share the same tumor name, organ(s) affected, and treatment type for a specific strain.
Model Name Organ Affected Tumor Inducing Agent(s) Female Male Mixed Pop. Unspecified Additional Information Model Details
Uterus - Cervix cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) Uterus - Cervix 17beta-estradiol (E2)


References: Giraudo E, J Clin Invest 2004 Sep;114(5):623-33

Uterus - Cervix squamous cell carcinoma Uterus - Cervix 17beta-estradiol (E2)

very high

References: Giraudo E, J Clin Invest 2004 Sep;114(5):623-33