Strain SummaryC57BL/6J-Chr Y129S1/SvImJ

Strain Name

C57BL/6J-Chr Y129S1/SvImJ

Strain Type(s)


Strain Synonym(s)

B6-Chr Y129S  •  B6J-Chr Y129S1


These mice were generated by crossing 129S1/SvImJ mice to C57BL/6J and backcrossing for at least 10 generations to C57BL/6J until the only 129S1/SvImJ markers detected were on the Y chromosome. Mice were then maintained by brother-sister matings.


1 unique models displayed. A model is a set of tumors that share the same tumor name, organ(s) affected, and treatment type for a specific strain.
Model Name Organ Affected Tumor Inducing Agent(s) Female Male Mixed Pop. Unspecified Additional Information Model Details
Testis - Germ cell tumor Testis - Germ cell


References: Anderson PD, Cancer Res 2009 Apr 15;69(8):3614-8