Model DetailsIntestine - Large Intestine - Colon hyperplasia

Model Name

Intestine - Large Intestine - Colon hyperplasia



Tumor Inducing Agent(s)

Chemical/Drug : azoxymethane (AOM)

Tumor Synonyms

hyperplastic aberrant crypt foci of the colon  •  colon hyperplasia

Strain Synonyms

Swiss-8  •  SW  •  SWR/Jax  •  Swiss-R  •  swiss  •  Swiss  •  SWR
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Intestine - Large Intestine - Colon Male


32 weeks
  • Treatment Notes
  • Notes

    Reproductive Status: reproductive status not specified

  • Pathology Reports
Wang QS, Carcinogenesis 1998 Nov;19(11):2001-6