Model DetailsLeukocyte - Lymphocyte reticulum cell neoplasm, type B

Model Name

Leukocyte - Lymphocyte reticulum cell neoplasm, type B



Tumor Inducing Agent(s)

Hormone : diethylstilbestrol (DES)

Tumor Synonym

reticulum cell neoplasm, type B (reticulum-cell neoplasm, type B)

Strain Synonyms

DBA/2eB  •  DBA/2eB/De  •  DBA/2e  •  DBA/2eB Deringer
Organ Affected Sex Frequency Age Of Detection Additional Information Expand all Collapse all Reference
Leukocyte - Lymphocyte Male


(2 of 60 mice)
18 months
  • Notes

    Reproductive Status: reproductive status not specified

Deringer MK, J Natl Cancer Inst 1962;28():203-210